Badger Fencing & Gates

image of badger fencing

One of our specialist services is the design, specification and installation of badger fencing and gate systems, assisted by our ecological experts,  PJC Consultancy, if necessary

Under the Protection of Badgers Act 1992, badgers and their sets are protected by law. Therefore badger fencing may be specified and installed for several reasons:

  • If development works may result in badger habitat loss, a badger fence can be erected to encourage badgers to feed and find new suitable territory
  • Badger fencing, or one-way badger gates, can be used to allow badgers out of the sett area and not return if the loss of a badger sett is unavoidable or needs to be temporarily moved
  • Because badgers can also be very destructive, badger proof fencing can be erected to exclude badgers from areas where damage is an issue

Our badger fencing uses a wire mesh net, specifically designed to prevent penetration by badgers. The netting is usually fixed by timber posts.  Designed to be installed vertically at least one metre high, with a buried vertical section and a horizontal return underground on the badgers’ side, badgers cannot penetrate the badger fence by burrowing.

If you need assistance with the specification and installation of badger fencing, mitigation or exclusion, then please get in contact by calling 01323 465500 or emailing us. We will be pleased to offer you our professional advice and provide you with a competitive, no obligation quote.