Deer Fencing

Chaffin Fencing installs a comprehensive range of deer fencing, which is becoming an essential tool for farmers, conservationists, infrastructure providers and estate managers.

Populations of wild deer have grown rapidly in recent years. Their large numbers are responsible for increased instances of deer-related road traffic accidents; significant damage to crops and woodland biodiversity; and disease transmission between livestock populations. For all of these reasons, controlling the movement of deer has become an integral element in many programmes of agriculture and land management.

Deer fencing provides an effective and humane way to control and direct the movement of deer populations. A number of options are available in terms of mesh size and height, depending upon the species in question. Plastic deer fencing is suitable for the smaller species. Larger species, although comparatively uncommon in the South East, will require a heavier wire deer fence.

Muntjac Deer are becoming prevalent in Southern England and have a tendency to burrow. Because of this, deer fencing must be correctly installed if it is to be effective against them.

We can provide expert advice on the various deer fencing options and ensure that your chosen solution is correctly installed.

Once we have identified the most appropriate type of deer fencing we will be happy to provide a no-obligation quote for supply and installation.