Hit and Miss Fencing

Hit and Miss Fence Panels – Vertical & Horizontal Designs

Hit and Miss fence panels are constructed by alternately fixing the slatted
boards to the front and the back of the fence panel, creating a ‘hit and
miss’ effect. They can run either vertically or horizontally to form a
sturdy yet unobtrusive finish.

The main advantage of Hit and Miss fencing is its resistance to wind damage
which results from the small gap left between the boards. These spaces allow
the wind to pass through without exerting too much pressure on the fence
structure, reducing wind load by as much as 15%. As a result, Hit and miss
fences are ideal in high wind areas, with the added advantage of presenting
an attractive finish to yourself and your neighbour as both sides look

It is possible to produce a hit and miss fence to suit most requirements in
height, length and line in a fencing run. The size of the gap between panels
is also variable, allowing you to balance your needs for wind resistance
versus privacy.

We will be pleased to carry out a free site assessment and offer
professional advice on the most effective hit and miss fence to meet your

Please contact us for more information about installing hit and miss
fencing. We will be pleased to discuss your requirements and provide a
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