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Safety Fencing

As an alternative to security fencing, which is usually erected to keep intruders out, safety fencing is more often required where the protection and welfare of people or animals is a priority and their movement and egress needs to be controlled.

Safety fences for people, particularly children, are used to create a barrier against hazards such as a road, swimming pool or steep drop. They are often low level and either constructed from splinter free, planed wood or metal bow top fencing.

Key clamp handrails, being highly versatile and durable, can also be used as guard rails or, more simply, to guide and channel people into or out of designated areas both indoors and outside.

Safety fencing for animals is provided by post and rail fencing which is frequently selected for equestrian and agricultural purposes, to restrict the movement of horses and livestock or as an animal deterrent to prevent wildlife pests.

Whether you require supply and installation or simply supply, we will carry out a free site assessment and offer professional advice on the most effective safety fencing solution to meet the needs of your site, and provide you with a competitive, no obligation quotation.

For a free on-site assessment, please contact our safety fencing team on 01323 465500 or by email to info@chaffinfencing.com.